What Is the Role of Antioxidants in the Prevention of Aging?

The human body is composed of living cells and they do not die but undergo changes, some of them beneficial others harmful. Free radicals are unstable molecules that attach to healthy cells and damage them. This can happen to the cells we are talking about here such as our skin cells. When our cells become damaged by free radicals it leads to aging, ill health and in some cases even death. One of the major benefits of antioxidants is that they repair the damages caused by free radicals.

As we age our cells age also. In fact, when a person is born they have the perfect bodies because they are young. But as we get older our bodies become less healthy and some of the benefits of antioxidants start to become visible. We are no longer able to repair the cells that are damaged by free radicals.

However healthy cells age, they do not die but rather they become more brittle and less healthy. Our bodies stop producing new cells. This means that over time the number of cells that we have in our body starts to erode.

The first benefit of antioxidants is they help to keep our cells healthy. As we age our bodies cannot keep them as healthy as when we were younger. One of the major influences of aging is the fact that our cells begin to weaken. When this happens the cells age faster and they lose strength. The benefits of antioxidants include the fact that they help our body to keep its cells strong.

They also play an important role in keeping our cells at a normal level. In other words our body has to have the right amount of healthy cells. We may be more aware of the importance of eating a healthy diet. But we also have to realize that we also need to have the right amount of nutrients. The B vitamins and other vitamins like vitamin C are very important.

Vitamins like A, C and E are also very important. But some studies have shown that antioxidants can also provide the benefits of maintaining the health of our cells even as we age. Studies have also indicated that if you increase the level of antioxidant activity in your cells they will remain healthier longer. Antioxidants also play a major role in the maintenance of healthy cells.

There is another benefit of antioxidants that are associated with inflammation. Free radicals in the body are actually what cause most of the damage that we see in our bodies. However, the antioxidants that are produced also decrease the amount of free radicals that enter our cells.

There are many more benefits of antioxidants. It is likely that future research will find even more. But for now we have learned about some of the basics. We know that we need to have the proper amount of nutrients in our cells if we want to keep them healthy. We also know that maintaining the proper levels of these cells will keep us feeling younger for years to come.

Now we just need to learn how to get these nutrients into our cells. There are now supplements on the market that will help you do that. And it seems that there are also some really great anti-aging benefits to be gained from these supplements. But what really gets my attention are the anti aging benefits of antioxidants.

If you take a multivitamin each day that may help but it is really only a small part of what is needed. And what really gets my attention are the studies that are showing how important antioxidants are to the health of our cells. It seems that there are really two ways that our cells are affected by free radicals. First by causing damage to our cells and second by helping to repair the damage that has already been done. Antioxidants will do both of these things for our bodies.

There are now studies being done all over the world that are trying to pin point the exact cellular function of the cells that are damaged by free radicals. The information is not so clear cut, but what is starting to emerge is the idea that there are three different types of cell that may be affected by this process. These are; the immune system cells, the vascular cells and the epithelial cells.

There is much hope that antiaging nutrition will provide us with a better understanding of how these cells work and why they are important to our health. We need to pay more attention to the consumption of foods that are rich in antioxidants. This will help to ensure that we live as long as possible and avoid getting too old before our time. As we grow older our bodies lose more cells and as we age this number increases dramatically. Antiaging nutrition can play a big part in delaying the aging process. Now that we know more about how the cell works it may be possible to turn back the clock on the human cell.